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A Journey for Answers

For the past 5 years David Sasaki worked for Global Voices creating a network of bloggers from all corners of the world. He watched the project grow from a small, informal network to an influential media organization. Happy with the success of his network of bloggers at Global Voices, Sasaki has left the job to explore the “big picture” questions his project exposed: the lack of communication and collaboration between a new generation of tech-savvy activists and traditional civil society organizations.

In pursuit of narrowing the divide between these two sectors he is launching a new project called Civic Information.

Civic Information centers around Sasaki’s next six months which will be spent travelling through Latin America and documenting and evaluating the use of technology and digital media by activsits and civil society. He will publish his findings in at least 25 in-depth case studies online at the project’s web site. He will also be writing a blog pertaining to the same subject.

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