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Healthcare for All: New Solutions for Rural Health Delivery

Having access to healthcare is a basic necessity and is required for a person to be a full economic citizen. Ashoka's Health for All initiative, part of the Full Economic Citizenship program at Ashoka, was created to explore and catalyze new, innovative models for bringing healthcare to those who do not have access to traditional healthcare markets.

The Health for All program utilizes Ashoka's Hybrid Value Chain (HVC) model as a way to bring transformative change to the rural healthcare sector. Health for All is testing new models for healthcare delivery, working with both citizen sector actors and large multinational companies. Launched in 2008, the Health for All program's work takes place primarily in India. In 2010 the Health for All team laid the framework for expanding elsewhere in SE Asia and into Latin America.
The Health for All program focuses in three areas:

  • Hybrid Value Chain: Ashoka has incubated and partnered with Healthpoint Services, Inc., a new social enterprise transforming the way primary care is delivered in rural areas.
  • Ashoka Health Fellows: There are over 400 Ashoka Fellows working on health-related issues around the globe. Utilizing their knowledge and innovations to help spark new, transformative interventions is a long term goal.
  • Creating an ecosystem within the health technologies market. By linking social entrepreneurs operating in resource-poor areas with the designers and manufacturers of new health tools, the Health for All program can leverage local understanding of needs and a global outlook to foster collaboration within the sector.

Ashoka is piloting an innovative new model in India.

Take a look at the Healthpoint Services' model in this short video.